Data collection and management

What we can do

Web applications

We can start from your idea and develop, test, and deploy a full working web application tailored to your needs, in order to acquire new data through the World Wide Web or share the one you already have.

Browser automation

We can automate your web scraping operations and download data from a website. If you find yourself to regularly fill out a web form, we can automate that task too! In fact, we can help you automate most of your interaction with a website.


For our solutions we use open-source technologies like Ruby , Rails , Hotwire , Jekyll , Selenium and Directus .

How it applies to pharmacovigilance

Development of web applications for your research studies

We can develop web applications aimed to collect data from patients and healthcare operators, in your pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemology research studies, tailored to your needs.

Development of safety reporting tools embeddable in your website

We can develop user-friendly safety reporting tools embeddable in your website and able to directly communicate with your safety report database (through the E2B R3 standard).

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