Data integration and analysis

What we can do

We can help you extract and visualize information from data, even from multiple and heterogeneous sources.

Data integration

We can move data to and from heterogeneous systems, and integrate it.

Data storage

We can design and implement your next data warehouse, the place to store your valuable data for subsequent analysis.

Data analysis

We can provide a full data analysis platform with interactive dashboards, a visual query builder and automatic alerts based on your needs. We can also generate periodic reports. Your data when you want it.


For our solutions we use open-source technologies like Apache Hop , PostgreSQL , Redis , Pentaho , and Metabase .

How it applies to pharmacovigilance

We are used to working with safety reports in E2B R2 and R3 format, with medicinal products in ICH M5/IDMP format, and with datasets like MedDRA, ATC/DDD index, WHODrug and EMA SPOR.

Batch processing of your safety reports

Based on conditions you define we can massively process your safety reports in E2B R3 format and provide you with information about them, or even bulk modify them and return to you a new dataset in the same format.

Generation of safety reports from your data source

We can convert your data, e.g., one that you obtained from a generic survey, into valid safety reports in E2B R3 format.

Detection of duplicated safety reports

We can mark safety reports as duplicated (or not) comparing to those in your own database or against a public database like FAERS or VAERS.

Real-time pharmacovigilance dashboards

We can create real-time and highly scalable dashboards based on most used key indicators in signal detection, e.g., to show the drug-event pairs with critical reporting odd ratio (ROR) values.

Ad-hoc information retrieval from a safety report database

We can write complex queries on your safety report database, on public database like FAERS or VAERS, or even on one of them cross joined to other data sources (like the MedDRA dictionary or the ATC/DDD index) and return you a set of customized reports in CSV, Excel, or PDF formats.

Setup of a data analysis platform for a safety report database

We can let you autonomously explore and visualize information about your safety reports, or those in public database like FAERS or VAERS. Leverage our data analysis platform that provides you with interactive dashboards, a visual query builder, and automatic alerts.

Validation of your data and your data analysis software

We can help you identify inconsistencies or missing information in your data (e.g., not encoded adverse reactions).

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